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Coffee / Juice Bars

"We challenge the status quo by breathing a fresh, innovative, flexible and affordable approach into the way our clients do business."

COFFEE/FOOD Its the quick fix to getting your quick fix. Now you can have your cake and sell it too! Its a bistro in a box, a SUSHI-conTRAINer or anything you can think of in a bite-sized business. Ready to PopUp and go in a flash, everything you'll find in the trendiest cafe is cleverly designed to fit into one of our Pop-Up coffee shops. From a 8ft takeaway espresso bar, to a fully functioning cafe you can create a workspace that is as simple or fancy as you like. JUICE/SMOOTHIE Give the people what they want, where they want it. We provide the freshest kitchen setups to get you juicing in no time. An opportunity to create your own health business couldn't be smoothier. Everything you need to get started is provided in this easy to operate space. Start small with an on-the-go juice bar, or expand into a set-up with tables and chairs, either way its quick and simple to get started. Follow The Box Brand's board P O P - U P S on Pinterest.
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