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Our Team

"We challenge the status quo by breathing a fresh, innovative, flexible and affordable approach into the way our clients do business."

Our Team

It took alot more than building knowledge to reinvent the way the world now looks at containerisation. The truth is that it took an entire team willing to think outside and inside the box. The Box Brand is thriving because we're never stuck on how things have always been done. Instead, we continue to focus only on how things should be done in this changing-by-the minute world. We like to think of ourselves as "Box Visionaries." Our Founders were committed to the entire Box Brand experience long before our first Pop Up was built. They believed that delivering an affordable, innovative product should be only part of the experience. First and foremost we remain committed to relationships with our clients. Our Creative Team, Craftsmen and Account Managers' commitment to exceptional customer service 24/7/365 is our ethos. This has born The Box Brand in becoming a significant participant in the country's major containerised markets.

Jon Balkin linkedin

Joint Managing Director [Business]

Jon Balkin is Director of The Box Brand. Jon has created and pioneeered many of the countries first ISO "Commercial Pop-Up Container Conversions" such as Australia's first Pop-Up Barbershops, Beauty Salons, Containerised Viewing Decks and cutting edge container Retail and Coffee Shop conversions rarely seen in Australia before. Prior to this, Jon held senior positions and had extensive experience in the Shipping Container and Construction industrys with company's such as SCR Tradecorp International, The St Hilliers Group, Bellevarde Constructions and Leighton Holding. Jon has delivered and played a major role in a number of National MBA Award Winning Heritage and Commercial Projects such as Brisbane City Hall, AAPT Headquarters Sydney, AGL Headquarters St Leonards, Settler's Cove, Hassell Studio, Sandgate Town Hall and numerous notable High Rise, Commercial and Industrial developments and projects.


Matt Land linkedin

Joint Managing Director, [Fabrications]

Matt Land has building and property instilled in his bloodline. From his early years growing up on the NSW South Coast town of Ulladulla - Matt found his trade/s and way - very early. Apart from a hands on approach in overseeing the business, Matt oversees our Companys OHS, Environmental, Quality Control Systems and Logistics. Matt brings his extensive knowledge and hands on experience in trades and services such as plumbing, electrical, general carpentry fixout, metalwork, steelwork fabrication and finishes. Time, Cost and Quality Management is where Matt excels along with guiding his workshop team in producing and re-inventing ways in always making an intricate detail better to be a signature for the way The Box Brand delivers. Perfection is the only option in Matt's Workshop. Matt's ability to "think inside and outside of the box" on every project is the key to our rapid growth and success. Matt continues to build upon a strong reputation with his exceptional eye for detail.
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THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Jon with our new cafe solution
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Matt working on leveling benches
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Painted art on the side our our 8ft Containers
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Our Box cars lining up for the morning coffee
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Matt moving one of our Box Cafe solutions
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Jon being Interview by Channel 7 News