Thinking Inside the Box - Which Container is Right for Me?
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Thinking Inside the Box – Which Container is Right for Me?

January 18th, 2017

There is an international trend towards recycling, sustainability and minimalism. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that all types of businesses are starting to think inside the box, and by that we mean using shipping container solutions as home to their ideas. At The Box Brand, we offer bespoke and customised shipping container design ideas and the means to turn your business idea into a reality. View some of our shipping containers in our online shop. How do you know which container is right for you and your business? Well that depends on which business sector you are involved in. From shipping container café designs to ideas for semi-permanent infrastructure, you can trust The Box Brand to come up with the right solution for you.

Shipping Container Café Designs

Forget food trucks. Box cafes are the hot new thing. By converting shipping containers into box cafes, you can combine sustainable business efforts with a novelty idea and a quick tap into food and restaurant trends. Your box café will be a hit in no time, especially when you talk to The Box Brand about shipping container café designs. Mobile and affordable, box cafes and food trucks from converted shipping containers are a great way to break into the biz. The niche menus done excellently and affordably are making a real statement across Australia, from gourmet tacos in Brisbane to tasty Thai chicken in Adelaide. You can even turn a shipping container into a local outdoor bar or a box coffee shop. The possibilities are endless when you have creativity on your side. From a simple box to something a little more substantial, we’ve got the bespoke solutions you need. Whatever your eatery needs, from grills and burners to logo and branding, The Box Brand can help with a solution.

Making a New Kind of Home

Homebuilders and contractors should be paying close attention to the shipping container movement. This trend is extending past just food trucks and pop up coffee shops. The strength and durability, as well as the flexibility, of a shipping container can be used to make a new kind of home, or even accommodation. Homebuilders and contractors would be smart to learn how to add this service to their portfolio because it opens up a world of options. From building cosy, sustainable, tiny homes to even creating an entire hotel from stacked shipping containers, the clean lines and adequate space provided by these boxes is a builder’s dream. Look into how we can help you convert our more polished boxes, such as the Whitebox 200 Series “The Coolen” or “The Drake”.

Urban Development and Infrastructure

If you are passionate about urban development or work as a contractor that handles urban infrastructure, you’ll find a lot of use for shipping containers. Many city planners and real estate developers are looking towards shipping container architecture in order to revamp retail and hospitality spaces and help develop a growing neighbourhood. Mobile shipping container architecture can truly change the way we think about urban development because it offers prefabricated, versatile buildings to use at our disposal. From alternative housing solutions to semi-permanent urban infrastructure to marquees, there are many sustainable uses for shipping containers. Start small with the Raw-New Build 100HC Series and finish big with the Raw- New Build 200GP Series Container. The Box Brand can assist you with whatever business idea you have. We create customised solutions with shipping containers, from the physical conversion of the container to suit your needs up to branding and marketing. Contact us today for shipping container designs ideas around Australia.