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The Importance of Insulating Shipping Containers for Repurposed Use

June 2nd, 2016

Close-up of insulation for roof Thinking of transforming a used shipping container into a cool and creative new business space? You may have already purchased one and are in the process of fitting it out. It’s important to know that shipping containers are prone to condensation. So if you’re repurposing an ex-container for use as a retail or commercial space you’ll need to nip condensation in the bud by being properly prepared. You’ll also need to think about temperature control, especially if you’re planning to live or work in your container full-time. Proper insulation will mean you’ll be relying less on air conditioning units or fans, making it a good choice for both you and the environment. We’ve put together some important facts you need to know about insulating your shipping container for repurposed use.

Spray Foam Insulation to Ward Off Condensation

Condensation can quickly lead to rust, corrosion and mould, which are all unpleasant and dangerous in any living space. Spray foam insulation will be your best bet for taking care of potential condensation. This type of insulation is a quick and easy way to insulate against heat and cold. It also allows you to get into any hard to reach gaps or spaces, making it a great choice for shipping containers. Spray the foam insulation onto each wall, both inside and out, and even underneath, to prevent condensation getting inside from all angles.

Keep Cool in Summer and Warm in Winter

Insulation will also keep the inside of your shipping container cool and comfortable during the hot Australian Summer and warm enough to keep working in throughout the Winter months. As well as spray foam insulation, there are a number of different types of insulation which can be safely and effectively used for your container, including:
  • Insulation panels
  • Blanket insulation
  • Eco-friendly options of wool or cotton
You can even choose to use a combination of all different insulation types, to address specific needs. For example, spray foam to prevent condensation and panels to control interior temperatures. When deciding which type of insulation to use you really need to think about climate. For most Australians, we’ll be more interested in keeping our containers cool than worrying about staying warm in Winter.

Buy an Insulated Shipping Container That’s All Ready to Go

Did you know you can purchase shipping containers that have already been insulated for your use? This means you can be the instant owner of an innovative new space for whatever purpose you desire. The Box Brand provides a range of shipping containers for your repurposing use, from unmodified to fully fitted out with insulation, electricity, plumbing and floor covering. These containers are flexible, sustainable and affordable, and can be completely customised to suit your exact needs. With talented graphic designers and artists also on board, The Box Brand can also help your business with branding elements, such as logo design, vinyl lettering or sign writing. Your end result will be a unique and creative space reflecting your business’ identity and brand.