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5 Innovative Ideas for Repurposed Shipping Containers

March 23rd, 2016

Colourful shipping containers hanging from a crane against blue sky Repurposed shipping containers have hit Australian shores, in a big way. Riding the wave of the popular food truck movement and stretching from inner-CBD coffee carts to off-grid eco homes, the once-basic shipping container has found many ways to be upcycled and repurposed. Here are 5 of the most innovative ideas for the humble crate.

Pop-Up Coffee Cart

Pop-up coffee carts were given their name due to their ability to pop up all over cities in Australia. If coffee is your business, with the majority of your clients taking their coffee away, why invest in a large fixed space? Go with the flow of your customers, using only the space that you need. Upcycled containers offer affordability and flexibility to business owners. They also offer the perfect blank canvas on which to make your brand known around town. With this strategic portable advertising opportunity, you might not be able to stop at 1, with a fleet of coffee carts soon under your name.

On-Trend Food Truck

Whether parked by the beach or your local petrol station, food trucks were once the sacred territory of dedicated meat pie lovers and Chico roll addicts. In recent years they’ve had quite the revival – cue Melbourne’s famous ‘Welcome to Thornbury’ as a solid example. Food truck owners are revamping old-school caravans and retro ice-cream trucks to sell seriously delicious gourmet food, from the always popular tacos to niche wares such as vegan donuts. For an exciting addition to the food truck trend consider customising an ex-shipping container. Being mobile and affordable, it’s a viable business choice for fresh foodies wanting to enter an on-trend market.

Off-Grid Small Home

Have you heard of the small home movement? How about the words ‘off-grid living’? While both concepts have been around for decades, there’s been a recent uprising of popularity in Australian homeowners embracing these trends. With small homes being just what they sound – small homes – and off-grid living encompassing a fully sustainable self-sufficient lifestyle, you could transform a shipping container into the perfect small sustainable home! Embrace solar power, rainwater, and the magic of homegrown organic produce. Then sit back in your 100% upcycled container home and peace out.

Bespoke Retail Space

Forget about boring shopping centres and expensive retail precincts. For a commercial showcase space that’s bound to get people talking about your goods why not consider an old shipping container? This can be a particularly good fit for designers who are focused on making sustainable, eco-friendly and locally-sourced products. Your shipping container is the perfect example of upcycling products for a new purpose, and has a far smaller footprint and energy consumption than a traditional retail space. You can even customise your space to become a fully sustainable solution, complementing your product range and putting you at the forefront of Australian eco brands.

Mobile Office Space

With more employees working remotely, or via telecommute; offices aren’t the same spaces they were 10 years ago. For many people, freelance creatives in particular, their office is wherever their laptop is – whether that’s at the airport, a cosy café, their home studio or family’s kitchen bench. A shipping container can make a unique and fun solution for today’s workers needing to get together. Create a contemporary space in which to hold your meetings, spin ideas, and collaborate on projects. A high quality repurposed shipping container that’s been pre-fitted with insulation, plumbing, electricity and floor coverings, will provide the perfect fit-out to make you the innovators of your industry. For the best repurposed shipping containers around, get in touch with The Box Brand – providing super high quality containers to creative entrepreneurs Australia-wide. With a broad range of flexible and affordable solutions on offer, you can create an innovative small-footprint business that’s guaranteed to get noticed.

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