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A Box Island Getaway…

August 3rd, 2015

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Nestled between notable “food cult heroes” - Tom and Johns Wings and The Bagel Boys, is a new and exciting entrant into Boundary Lane, West End... The Caudan Street Kitchen.

Chef extraordinaire, Damien Boudham has arrived at Boundary Lane, and has indeedly arrived with gusto!

Passionately dishing up his labor of love, Chef Boudham inspires his growing followers with a unique gastronomic experience.

Boudham’s food journey starts from Port Louis, inspired from a cluster of independent food vendors who continue to tantilise taste buds from their road side stalls surrounding the Island of Mauritius.

Customers have learnt quite quickly that no regimented menu exists at Chef Boudham’s Street Kitchen. Boudham arises early daily, with a new innovative menu to challenges our taste buds.

"It's kind of nice when you're creating freshly for people who want to enjoy it, opposed to someone who comes to your eatery with pre-conceived ideas, like, 'Oh this wasn't what I thought it would be'" Boudhum said.

“Damien is a passionate craftsmen who is one of a few innovative operators who is driving the pop-up movement and retail shift alongside us.” said Jonathan Balkin, Managing Director and Co-founder of the Box Box Brand.

  11720636_10153041735417029_519545432_n   The Box Brand delivers exceptional containerised and mobile business solutions that enable independent operators such as Boudham the opportunity to showcase their wares. “Damien delivers a unique, consistent food experience with a huge dollop of passion.  The entire team at The Box Brand get a real kick out of seeing our clients continual growth.” Balkin said. You can find The Caudan Street Kitchen at Boundary Street Markets West End Brisbane every day (Tuesday to Saturday) in Boundary Lane West End and from Friday and Saturday evenings from 4pm at Boundary Street Markets.