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On – Trend Promo Ideas to Get your Business Noticed

May 2nd, 2016

Creative team looking at a glass wall covered in colourful sticky memo notes Business owners are always looking for innovative ways to get their business noticed. Creative promotional ideas help businesses to be noticed, remembered, and exposed to new markets and audiences. One of the most unique and creative promo ideas available to business owners is the use of pre-used shipping containers for marketing and promotion.

Popping Up Around Town

Repurposed shipping containers have been popping up around Australia in the form of mobile coffee carts, bespoke retail spaces, off-grid home residences, trendy accommodation spaces and even mobile offices and meeting rooms. For business owners, containers have established themselves as an affordable, sustainable, flexible solution that can help you establish a business fairly instantly. You can even purchase containers that are already fully fitted out with electricity, floor coverings, plumbing and insulation allowing you to hit the ground running.

Mobile Brand Exposure

Because repurposed containers are fully mobile they can quickly increase your brand’s exposure across a broad geographical area. Particularly for mobile coffee vans or food trucks, you’ll be showcasing your brand to potential consumers every time you set up in a new place, and even when you’re parked. That’s greater, and faster, exposure for your business than can be achieved through more traditional marketing methods. So forget printed mugs and mouse pads – invest in a more visible and more exciting promo solution that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Eco-Friendly Promotion

You’ll also be happy to know that your unique promo idea gets a green tick, with most shipping containers ending their life-cycles as landfill. But not your container! By upcycling an existing container into a cool new promo space you’re choosing a more environmentally friendly option, instead of purchasing a brand new billboard or printed flyers which require new materials to be produced. Shipping containers also make very sustainable spaces, with low energy and water consumption, winning you even more ticks.

The Perfect Promo Space

The size and dimensions of shipping containers make them the perfect promo spaces. Consumers will be intrigued by your unique and creative take on traditional business spaces. With clever and contemporary branding, you’ll also draw easy media attention and exposure. Companies such as The Box Brand in Australia repurpose and sell affordable activation boxes that allow business owners to purchase shipping containers that are ready to use for promotional purposes. A creative team will collaborate on all elements of your brand to make sure your container gets noticed by the right audience, establishing your place in the market. For more information about how to use shipping containers for an on-trend promo idea, get in touch with The Box Brand.