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The Importance of Branding for Your Business

April 4th, 2016

man sitting at wooden desk with cup of coffee, writing the word BRAND in his notebook Your brand is your business. Serious business. It encompasses your ethos, your values, your strategic direction and the promise you give to your consumers. It’s what you stand for, in a nutshell – or a logo. Your logo, taglines, corporate colours and voice are all brand elements, working together to create an identity, or personality, for your business. Having a strong business brand is essential to establishing your reputation, increasing your market, and creating instant recognition for consumers as well as brand loyalty. Today we’ll look at how your brand can help you achieve greater success, highlighting the importance of strong branding for your business.

Establishing Your Identity

When you’re establishing your business, your brand is one of your most valuable considerations. You’ll want to think carefully about how you want to present your identity, and work with a professional graphic designer who has experience creating brand packages for clients. Consider the key messages you want to project to consumers – for example, do you want to promote yourself as being an environmentally friendly brand? Who will be your target audience and market? A good designer will be able to convey your ideas into a creative suite of brand elements for you to use across your website, marketing materials, social media channels, business cards and invoices.

Building Recognition

When your brand is able to be recognised by simply its logo, you’ll have reached successful brand recognition. Think about Coca-Cola, Optus, Apple – their presence in advertising, for example at major sporting events, can be understood by consumers without even needing to see a name on the page. This is because their branding, and brand management, is so strong. Managing your brand effectively will ensure consumers associate it with the positive elements of your business and increase its marketability.

Making a Positive Impact in Your Industry

Your branding can create a positive ripple effect on other business, and in turn, the whole world. By building your brand as transparent, ethical and sustainable you’re leading by example. Other businesses in your industry may see the advantages of practicing sustainability and becoming a more eco-friendly brand. Whether they’re doing this for the environment, or for a piece of the green market, is less important than the fact that positive change is underway. The Box Brand knows a thing or 2 about branding. With a creative team experienced in logo design, sign writing, vinyl lettering and street art, they’ll be sure to get your brand noticed. They also offer an exciting brand activation solution, providing you with the perfect blank canvas in the way of repurposed shipping containers. These fully mobile and affordable activation boxes can increase your brand’s exposure across a broad geographical area, and with their innovative and exciting designs they’ll stand out to consumers. For more information about how activation boxes can benefit your brand, contact The Box Brand.