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From Box to Business – Our Favourite Food Trucks!

December 18th, 2016

The food truck trend is hitting Australia hard, and why shouldn’t it? Food trucks have become a sort of art form, a source of specific cuisine from a respectable venue catered by aspiring chefs who wish to launch their careers in a more creative and fun way. Food trucks have come a long way from their old ‘roach-coach’ days, with a focus on limited but creative dishes at reasonable prices. Now, the food truck trend isn’t even limited to a small truck. Many enterprising entrepreneurs are converting shipping containers into box cafes and food stalls. Box cafes offer the same draw as a food truck (and in some cases function in the exact same way), but with a little more space and often a more stable location. Here are some of the best food trucks converted from shipping containers in Australia:

Rolling Stone Mobile Wood Fired Pizza, Brisbane

The only thing that’s more of a mouthful than the name of this food truck is their pizza. Rolling Stone Mobile Wood Fired Pizza brings hot, authentic, wood-fired pizzas straight to the mouth of Brisbane residents from either a food truck or a mobile trailer set up, converted from a shipping container. Their range of gourmet pizzas are made with the highest quality ingredients and sourced from local growers across Southeast Queensland. Out of their imported Italian ovens can come up to 5 delicious pizzas, which mean fast turnaround times so that everyone can have a slice.

Cyncho’s Buffalo Wings, Brisbane

Wings aren’t really great unless they’re made by someone with love and care. Luckily for the Brisbane food truck scene, there’s Cyncho’s Buffalo Wings. A small company with big dreams, this company is well-known for their wings that come in three distinct flavours: Original, Garlic Parmesan and Kid’s Wings. Aside from wings, they also sling some seriously tasty sliders and loaded fries. Pub grub meets street meat.

The Fancy Banger, Sydney

Nobody knows the power of a sausage quite like The Fancy Banger in Sydney. Coupling the classic Australian love for a grilled snag with the popularity of choosing locally sourced produce, this food truck has what it takes to keep them coming back. With a concise menu that is inspired by global cuisine and even condiments that are made in-truck, this box on wheels has a whole new take on the food truck scheme.

Two Fat Indians, Melbourne

A successful Melbourne restaurant that decided to jump on the wave of food trucks and expand their business, Two Fat Indians brings traditional and authentic Indian food to the table. The truck is decked out with everything from burners and ovens to a FAT tandoor so that tandoori chicken and their famous rum and black pepper tandoori lamb cutlets can be smashed out easily for all those hungry street eaters out there. At The Box Brand, we take mobile food industries and markets to the next level by giving entrepreneurs and “off the grid” traders a flexible opportunity to expand their businesses. We work with companies like The Food Truck Depot to provide independent food truck stops as part of the Australian first initiative. We offer start-up businesses the chance to get ahead with our repurposed shipping containers, strong brand recognition and a great social media presence. Get in touch with us today for service Australia-wide.