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The Box Brand’s Street Food Depot team have been in the market arena for over 39 years and have focused on Food, Wine, Lifestyle and Major Event Productions. Our mobile food activations create amazing opportunity to celebrate and promote the quality and diversity of the community as a whole. The Street Food Depot has quickly become a must visit event that is enjoyed by the residents of Brisbane, business visitors and tourists every day! - David Bostock, Director - Market Events (The Street Food Depot) OUR VISION In Brisbane we are lucky to have one of the greatest lifestyles possible. Our region and environs are rich with excellent Multicultural Food Choices,farming lands and in diversity of our people. We are home to a great range of Mobile Street Vendors, local artisans and producers and we are proud of our food, agricultural, wine and green industries. From day one, It has been our vision to produce a market that our community can have access to the best of local food variety and products available and to convene as a thriving community. We see this as an opportunity to take mobile food industries and markets tothe next level. We welcome the opportunity to present and attract different cult ures to be inclusive and we see opportunities for more demonstrations and presentations. The Street Food Depot offers more to our community. OUR PASSION We believe in professional and fair business practices. We bring a high level of skills, vision and determination to make great things happen. Our focus has always been in working proactively with all stakeholders including local council, tourism bodies and industry affiliates. **Master marketing and communication experts - Sponsor program experience - Event and vendor experience - Extensive research has been undertaken for best practices and legal requirements**
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