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Which Insurance Do I Choose for My Business?

Anyone who is running a small business must take out insurance. This is an essential part of running any business, especially if you are running a business out of a shipping container. The right insurance will help you protect your business and minimise your exposure to risk. It will also help you compensate others if […]

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Traditional Retail Shop Vs Retail Pop Up Shop

Traditional retail businesses are in the midst of a revolution, and it’s because the consumer demands it. Consumer interests, especially in the cities, are at the best of times fickle. The market is expanding to fit in a range of smaller, niche businesses, and one of the industries that’s being hit the hardest is the […]

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Ultimate Guide to Starting Out in Business in a Box

As consumerism continues to grow and expand at a very fast pace, businesses are looking for new ways to keep up with the waves of demand. There are many trends emerging in the consumer world as the demand for sustainability and responsible business practices grows at the same rate as the shift in the retail […]

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Shipping Container Trends – Businesses That Emerged in 2016

Have you started noticing a trend that transcends the boundaries of industry? The shipping container trend is a step up from up cycling. It’s the creative transformation of old shipping containers into something that we didn’t necessarily see coming. From offices to portable coffee shops to shipping container shops to minimalist homes, the uses for […]

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Thinking Inside the Box – Which Container is Right for Me?

There is an international trend towards recycling, sustainability and minimalism. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that all types of businesses are starting to think inside the box, and by that we mean using shipping container solutions as home to their ideas. At The Box Brand, we offer bespoke and customised shipping container design ideas […]

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The Importance of Insulating Shipping Containers for Repurposed Use

Thinking of transforming a used shipping container into a cool and creative new business space? You may have already purchased one and are in the process of fitting it out.

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On – Trend Promo Ideas to Get your Business Noticed

Business owners are always looking for innovative ways to get their business noticed.

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The Importance of Branding for Your Business

man sitting at wooden desk with cup of coffee, writing the word BRAND in his notebook
Your brand is your business. Serious business.

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5 Environmental Benefits of Upcycling

Have you noticed an increase in the presence of upcycled materials and products?

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5 Innovative Ideas for Repurposed Shipping Containers

Repurposed shipping containers have hit Australian shores, in a big way.

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