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"We challenge the status quo by breathing a fresh, innovative, flexible and affordable approach into the way our clients do business."


At Box 360 we deliver an Australian first alternative to the homogeneous and mundane high streets. We are a tangible solution in assisting our clients in overcoming bricks and mortar barriers to entry and educating to think inside the box. At The Box Brand we create and deliver interesting spaces; creative post- industrial businesses; and outlets - by offering our local communities a feel that is popular in revitalized neighbourhoods, villages and hubs accross our Australian landscape." Every detail of the of The Box Brand's BOX360 developments are crafted specifically for the young, hip and urban communties we touch. Our mission is cultivating a mix of tenants for our experimental projects and exploring more complimentary opportunities to bring the pop-up hubs to more markets around Australia. Our containers and supporting structures are fabricated offsite by the Box Brand at our factory facility and assembled on-site in a matter of weeks, saving on costs and waste. Our White Boxes are thickly insulated, making heating and cooling more efficient and minimising the need for air conditioning.

CITY 360

An Alternative to the Homogeneous, Urban High Streets... The Box Brand's CITY360 concept is simple enough: it’s a small container hub, comprising of edgey retailers, cafes, restaurants and galleries, housed compactly within a stack of shipping containers on a earmarked development or vacant lot. Some stay semi permanent - others permanent.. The execution, however, is striking. When the term is up, the entire modular solution can be disassembled and recycled into future CITY360 projects, leaving the site unscathed. Or they become a permanent footprint in our ever evolving Australian Landscape. Our greatest contribution is to design and sustainability, however, it's also the instant transformation of an empty corner into a vibrant, transit-oriented neighbourhood space. Our sole mission is in working with developers to create flexible, affordable leases to enable many local independents to participate and grow. This pop-up hub adds verticality, it creates interesting spaces and offers a post-industrial and local feel that is popular in revitalised neighbourhoods across Australia's ever changing landscape.


The Box Brand’s vision and deliverables are prided on our remote retail infrastructure solutions. Our deliverables are all about adding creative spaces and outlets for remote workers to interact and enjoy the creature comforts that their counterparts in the city can easily access. BOX 360 REMOTE provides a refreshing experience for remote workers through delivering innovative retail and commercial based solutions.
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Absoe Building Development Brisbane
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | The Fist box at the new Mollison St Food Promenade , West End
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Full house out the front of our Shaw Road Development
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Dropping our Boxes at the new Mollison Street Food Promenade, West End
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Boundary Street Markets, West End
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Moving Containers into Boundary Lane at West End
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | View of Shop fronts at Boundary Lane, West End
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Moving Boxes into place at Mollison Street, West End
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Interior of shopping complex Development
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