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Our Team

"We challenge the status quo by breathing a fresh, innovative, flexible and affordable approach into the way our clients do business."

We constantly re-invent and challenge the status quo by breathing a freshinnovative, flexible and unique approach into the way our clients and vendors do business.

Our organisation focuses on leading the street retail evolution from initial concept, design and fabrication -  to delivering outstanding activations in the growing "Off The Grid" retail, commercial and temporary spaces.

Our diverse team of specialists are selected based on their unique "can do" approach in design, branding, project management, fabrication, events, activations, mixed micro tenancies and flexible strategic commercial placements.

We are committed to ensuring that we continue to recruit and develop the talented whilst ensuring exceptional outcomes and deliverables for all stakeholders.

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THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Jon with our new cafe solution
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Matt working on leveling benches
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Painted art on the side our our 8ft Containers
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Our Box cars lining up for the morning coffee
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Matt moving one of our Box Cafe solutions
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Jon being Interview by Channel 7 News