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About Us

"We challenge the status quo by breathing a fresh, innovative, flexible and affordable approach into the way our clients do business."

The Box Brand Solution for Business

Since the birth of The Box Brand we have been in the business of creating business.  We noticed retail and commercial businesses moving away from traditional methods and spaces, in favour of smaller footprints and more contemporary solutions.  With retailers seeking alternatives to escalating real estate prices and sales pressures, we wanted to come up with a new approach for business owners that would both deliver benefits and challenge the status quo.  In this way, we thought outside the box – and realised inside the box was exactly where business owners need to be!  We decided to build great containerised solutions for any business, offering a fresh, innovative, flexible and affordable approach to the way our clients do business.  The Box Brand containerised solutions can be used for a variety of businesses, such as: 
  • Pop up retail shops
  • Mobile coffee carts
  • Food trucks and pop up kitchens
  • Portable office spaces 
We offer a number of different boxes that can be customised to suit your business’ specific needs, as well as reflecting your own individual style and brand. We’ll work with you to deliver a perfectly tailored end product that you’ll love doing business in. 

What are Some of Our Popular Box Brand Solutions?

Our container solutions range from completely unmodified shipping containers to fully fitted out ready-to-go small businesses. Choose from:  RAW Our un-modified ‘New Build’ containers provide you with a perfect blank canvas. If you are looking for suitable used (wind and water tight) containers the RAW range is The Box Brand’s unique mix of un-modified containers that have seen very little sea time (a maximum of one trip). COLDSHELL Our simplest solution, but all you need to get started with your dream project. Our customers sometimes opt to undertake their own internal fit-out (such as insulation, electrical upgrades, floor coverings) and therefore only require the structure and basic services to get them started. If that’s what you’re looking for, COLDSHELL is the solution for you.  WHITEBOX The Whitebox Series is designed to fundamentally offer a sustainable, cost-effective and flexible solution that can be easily branded and dressed as a contemporary and premium fit-and-finish solution for our retail and commercial clients.  Whatever your business needs, whatever your style and personal brand, we’ll find the perfect solution for you.  Call us on (07) 5499 0775 to find out more about our range of containerised solutions, or simply contact us online and we’ll go from there.
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THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Jon with our new cafe solution
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Matt working on leveling benches
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Painted art on the side our our 8ft Containers
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Our Box cars lining up for the morning coffee
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Matt moving one of our Box Cafe solutions
THE BOX BRAND 2015 | Jon being Interview by Channel 7 News